Learning From A To Z



Our Story

Learning from A To Z's first products were designed in the mid-80's by stay at home "momprenuer" Roxana Bolanos.  The wife of a expatriate corporate executive, she designed and published our flagship product "My Quiet Book" while living in the Philippines.  After returning to the US in the 90's Roxana continued to design products and pursued marketing and distribution relationships that would take the company to the next level.

In 2010, while preparing for another expatriate assignment with her husband, Roxana decided to retire.  She sold the company to two volunteers a the local Small Business Development Center who had helped her with online marketing.  Derick Schaefer and Jerod Morris have maintained Roxana's commitment to creating quality learning products while evolving both marketing and distribution of the line into the digital era.

Philosophy On Learning

 Children learn through their hands and constructive play is high context channel for learning.

At Learning From A To Z we strive to provide safe, highly contextual charts and books that advance to the mental and physical growth of a toddler. 

We are often asked when we will release an "iPhone version" of our products.  Our response is always, "Not any time soon."