Learning from A To Z's founder created the My Quiet Book concept in 1986 and published it as ISBN: 097290011X .  The book has evolved over the year's to improve design, quality, and safety.  

Children learn by using their hands.  Learning From A To Z's My Quiet Book is designed encourage quiet play and learning through touch and experimentation with objects familiar to a toddler.  Each page is constructed of high quality material and all book parts are attached with fabric strings to prevent part loss.  

Featuring a zipper closer and large padded fabric handles, the Learning From A To Z My Quiet Book is designed to accompany your child on the move.  Whether it be at home, in the classroom, or in the car, the My Quiet Book is designed to accompany your child every where they go.

We are the original designers and creators of the My Quiet Book.  We still manufacturer them and safety test every unit today.  Don't overpay for lesser quality imitations.  You can buy your My Quiet Book direct from us today.