The Learning From A To Z "I Will Do It" Cloth Reward Chart is a parental favorite for easing toddlers through their 2's, 3's, and beyond.  This cloth wall calendar based reward system allows parents use either pre-made cards or create their own with blank cards (included) in order to encourage good behavior for challenging elements of a child's life.

All parts are made of heavy fabric and the wall chart system features a wooden dowel rod and a heavy string hanger.  Stars attach to the cloth calendar through quality velcro backing.  This cloth reward chart features both attached cloth sacks and clear plastic pockets for storage of all stars and cards.

We have manufactured this cloth reward chart in-house for over 20 years and safety test each one to this day.

Don't settle for cheap imitations.  Order your "I Will Do It" cloth reward chart directly from Amazon Fulfillment today.

Cloth Reward Chart for Kids - I Will Do It!
Learning From A To Z